Alex + Jess | Gibson City, Illinois Portraits

Holler! I am so stoked to share this shoot with you!!

Alex and Jess are two of my favorites. I love that they are two of Jason’s favorites too :) Isn’t it fun sharing friends with your significant other? (I always want to say hubby or something like that, because fiance is weird to say all the time, but he’s not my hubby yet!!) Anyway, I am already off topic, but to continue to veer off, I love it when you can both be friends with another couple. We definitely love each others’ friends, but haven’t had the chance to get to know all of them as well as we’d like, and so its really special when I get to hang out with Jess and Alex, because I just know that they know Jason pretty well, and understand his humor, and could totally laugh with me when I tell them stories about his antics…because they just know.

Ok, back to the actual topic at hand. What was it? Oh yeah, I am stoked to share this shoot. Jess and Alex work in campus ministry back at the U of I and I was privileged to get to take photos of them this past week that I was back in Illinois. You should read their blog. They are pretty cool. Yes, I know, all my friends blog. Its just how we roll, ok?

So we did this shoot in Gibson City, IL. Ever head of it? I was visiting my future M-I-L taking care of some wedding planning! She is amazing and a regular Martha Stewart. Seriously, she is totally pwning all our wedding decor as I write. (Yes, I really did just say pwn in my blog, don’t judge me!) Jess and Alex came up to visit for our shoot, and would you believe, we hardly went to two different locations for all these lovely shots. The light was amazing, and the couple, well…just look at them! It was hard to beat :)

Ok, enough of my gabbing. Look at some pictures!


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